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manbetx monocrystalline silicon intelligent l pressure transmitter

Detailed introduction:
Detailed introduction:

Detailed Introduction:

Thank you for using our intelligent pressure/differential pressure transmitters. The modular design of transmitter is the core of microprocessor in the circuit and assists with advanced digital isolation technology, which has a very high anti-interference and stability. And the digital compensation technology is used to compensate the temperature and static pressure, which improves the measuring accuracy and reduces the temperature drift. The features of the transmitter are the good long-term stability, the high reliability and the diagnosis ability, etc. In structure, the configuration, setting up and calibration of transmitter are easy for the users by the HART communication handhold terminal, the knobs of outside shell and the buttons on the display.

Main Features:

Smart and artistic appearance, light weight;

Range migration function, range migration ration 100:1;

Adjustable damping:0-32s, step to 0.1s;

Compensation and correction function to zero and full;

Multipoint correction of output current;

Show multiple monitoring variables, option of pressure unit;

OLED displays of ultra-low temperature (-40~70℃ );

Open output current function;

Self-diagnosis and fault alarm;

The EEPROM nonvolatile memory prevents the loss of data and recovers the original calibration data;

The remote, on-site parameter setting and function configuration are realized through the HART communication hand operator.

GP/DP Transmitter


Process Medium:

Liquid, Gas, Steam

Output Signal:

Two wire system 4~20mA, in line with the specification of NAMUR NE43, superposition of digital signal (HART protocol)


The minimum supply voltage 9VDC, the maximum 45 VDC supply voltage


OLED screen, 3 lines, 5 characters, unit, bar charts show

Explosion Protection Performance:

The casing of explosion-proof and waterproof, intrinsically safe (conform to FM、CSA、NEPSI and KEMA)

Zero and Span Adjustment:

It is adjusted by digital communications or local key and is not affected each other.

Environmental Temperature:


Digital Display Temperature:


Process Temperature:

-40~100 ℃(silicone oil)-40~85℃(fluorocarbon oil)-29~149℃(Fill remote device with ordinary silicone oil)
15~300℃(Fill remote device with high-temperature silicone oil)

Fault Alarm:

If the sensor or circuit fault, the automatic diagnosis function will automatically output 3.6mA or 21.0Ma (users can preste).

Damping Adjustment:

0-32s by adjusting the digital communications or the local keys


Digital communications (HART protocol)or local keys to adjust

Measuring Range :

DP 0-0.125KPa to 0-7MPa /GP 0-0.125KPa to 0-42MPa/

AP 0-200KPa to 0-2.1MPa


Range of ±0.075 %


0.1 %/1 year,0.25 %/3 years

Range Ratio:


Maintenance and packing instructions:


1. The various connections of the intelligent transmitter are not at liberty to loosen or disassemble.

2. Please handle the intelligent transmitter gently, and prevent damage to the diaphragm and other parts. If the already damaged transmitter needs to be repaired, and shall be returned to the company. When returning, please pay attention to protect good transmitter diaphragm. Please wrap the entire component in seismic material back to the company for not damaged in transit.

Out of the box and complete set of products:

When unpacking, should check whether the packing is in good condition and whether the model and specification of the transmitter are consistent with the order contracts according to the packing list. And check the accessories are complete.

DP/GP Transmitter accessories:

1) Operating instruction 1

2) Product qualification 1

Choke plug, Wiring plug column, The mounting bracket and u-shaped clamp 1 set

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