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FDWR Assembled Thermocouple

Detailed introduction:

Technical Parameter Table

Product Implementation Standard

Minimum Insertion Depth

The depth of the thermocouple protection tube insertion media is generally not less than the sum of resistive element length (about 50mm) and the outer diameter size of 8 to 10 times (except for the special products)

Connection Form

Splash proof, Water proof,Simple type, Small wiring box, Plug in type, Direct lead type

Installation Method

Non fixing device, Fixed screw thread type, Fixed flange type, Movable flange type, Fixed screw thread taper

Normal Temperature Insulation Resistance

Length>1m, Atmospheric temperature insulation resistance value×Length≥100MΩ.m

Length≤1m, Atmospheric temperature insulation resistance value≥100MΩ

Note: Experimental conditions:Voltage 500V±50VDC, Temperature 15~35°C Humidity 45%~75%,Atmospheric pressure 86kPa~106 kPa

Upper temperature Insulation Resistance

Temperature Test temperature Resistance value

Response Time and Size

Material Outside diameter Seconds Standard Length

Non metallic Cone with

Metal Right angle

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